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Having Trouble? Need some assistance? Have a read through our frequently asked questions and if you are still having trouble send us an email by selecting on the link below.

Have you checked that other sounds play? You may need to un-mute your sound player, turn up the volume or fit external speakers.
Have you got other sites open on the internet? That might slow down the game’s loading. Close down the other sites and try again.
No, but Kate and Peter are just like real children who might find themselves in an emergency situation.
If you close the game in the middle, you will need to start it again and finish it to gain your certificate.
Ask Mum or Dad to take you to your local police, fire or ambulance station to find out more about becoming an emergency services worker.
Kate’s mobile number is a pretend number. If you call it, Kate won’t answer.
No, you can play the game if you have internet access.
Yes, if your teachers give you permission, you may play the game at school, and then you can play it at home as well!
Yes, you can download a version of the game from Apple iTunes or Google Play!

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